Wow. Talk about crazy.


So I was just on Bing and since I like free stuff I use their Bing Rewards program to search and get giftcards and such ( So I was randomly looking through some latest “news” and came across this

I scrolled down and then I found these:

You will not believe how ridiculous these people are like ohmg wow. This was the worst one of all:

Beekeepers Wedding
Oh, Honey: This love was simply meant to “bee.” On July 16, 2010, beekeepers Li Wenhua, left, and Yan Hongxia were married in Ning’an, China, while covered in a swarm of 10,000 bees. The honies have worked with insects for more than 20 years, so the nuptials were a perfect fit. To create a buzz for their ceremony, the bride and groom each held a queen bee, which lured the rest of the swarm onto their clothing.
Like ohmg. Have fun dying.


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