Cleaning your makeup brushes.

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Makeup brushes are made with real hair so you need to treat them really gently.

Spot cleaning it //(when you’re doing your makeup and want to clean it on the spot so you can use another color)

How to spot clean brushes:

-Just spray a bit of cleanser onto a paper towel and wipe your brush onto it. It dries really quickly so you could continue using it.

What cleansers to use when you spot clean your brushes:

– MAC Brush Cleanser // found at M.A.C., Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. (They cost around $13 each)

– Any baby wipe’s or any anti-bacterial wipes

– Clinique brush cleanser// (Honestly I like this one better then the M.A.C one because you’re able to spray it on, but the MAC one is bigger and contains more cleanser in it)

– Isopropyl Alcohol//(found at any drug store)

– Parian Spirit//(found at Imax)

Deep cleaning//(basically after a few weeks you really want to deeply clean your brushes and get out everything and make sure you get the sebum, old makeup, oils, etc. out so you don’t break out.)

How to deep clean brushes:

Start or by getting some in to your palm or a plate and just swirl it until it starts to lather and then rinse off. Make sure it doesn’t get past the silver part or else water’s gonna get inside the glue and make it loose. Slowly and gently squeeze out the bristles, or else the whole bristle might come off …
Happened to me last year because I pulled to hard. Whoops.

What cleansers to use when you deep clean your brushes:

-Dish washer soap with some olive oil/ to disinfect and condition

– Baby shampoo or normal shampoo also works fine

– Face wash like Cetaphil etc.

Hope this helped ♥


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