How to make a ‘tantoo’

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Part of summer is getting tan right? And what better way to show off your tan then a sun tattoo, or ‘TAN-too’!

It’s easy & simple && here are some ways to get a tan tattoo.

1// A sticker.

Get a sticker! It should be a basic shape like heart, star, etc. Clean & dry the place you want your sticker to be, and place it on your skin. Leave it on while tanning, then remove and there you go, you have your tattoo.

2// Sunscreen.

Most people use this method. Take some sunscreen on a Q-tip or your finger and draw a simple shape. Make sure the sunscreen isn’t too think. Leave it on while tanning outside or in a tanning bed, then rinse off after consistent sun.

3// Nail Polish.

Take a color of nail polish and simple draw a basic shape, like a heart. Like the other methods, leave it on while tanning. Take off with nail polish remover.

4//White Out.

This is like the nail polish method. Put it on your skin, then remove after tanning.

5// Make a stencil.

Use paper and glue or tape on your skin. Keep it on while tanning. Take it off when you’re done and put it on in the exact same place next time you tan. Remember, after one time of tanning, you want have a tattoo. Slowly, it will form. Put it on every time you tan in the exact same place.

Hope this helps 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.46.40 AM


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