5 minute abs.

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Obviously you’re not gonna get abs in 5 minutes BUT this workout, if done consistently like everyday for 5 minutes will eventually give you abs.


1. 25 leg lifts.

Position yourself flat on the ground, lying on your back, head and shoulders on the floor. Keep both of your legs and raise them to about a 45 degree angle, hold for two seconds, than bring them back to the floor; but DO NOT TOUCH them on the floor or it will wreck the workout. Also, make sure not to arch your back, keep the rest of your body flat as your legs lift and lower. If it does arch, badly, or your abs aren’t that strong bring your legs higher when you lift. 


2. 60 bicycle crunches.

Position yourself with your head and shoulders off the floor, your hands behing your head, your legs in the air, knees bent. Here is a picture of this position: 

Then, bring your left elbow to your right knee using your ab strength, push the other leg out straight. Then, bring your right elbow to your left knee, while pushing the other leg out. Keep repeating this motion. Here:


3. Side plank for 60 seconds. To start, position yourself laying on your side, then lift your body up with the arm that is on the ground, and the sides of your feet. (your body should be tight and your legs should be tightly together so you don’t fall. Lift your opposite arm straight in the air. If you are having trouble, look at this picture: 


4. Do 60 regular crunches.

If the full regular ones are hard for you, you can do these:


5. Do 60 leg flutters.

Position yourself flat on the ground, arms flat by your side. Then, lift your head and shoulders off the floor, and lft your feet slightly from the floor. Your arms should now be straight out infront of you, pointed towards your feet. Proceed to flutter your legs up and down quickly without ever touching them to the ground.

R E M E M B E R ; NO breaks between these five ab sequences! Good Luck! It will get easier as you do it.


Enjoy body sculpting 🙂



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