Essential School Supplies

School., Tips.

Here are just a few supplies everyone needs regardless of what grade:

(&& Here is my tip on the best places to buy school supplies)


– Mechanical Pencils (I prefer these since you do not have to get up to sharpen them, but regular are fine. Try to get .O7 since if you run out of lead most people use these)

– .O7 mm lead (for your pencils)

– Extra erasers

– Blue, Red & Black pens

– Highlighters

– Colored pens

– 4 packs of loose leaf paper (college ruled is better if you write small, wide ruled if bigger. 4 packs can last me a semester).

– 4-5+ spirals

– Several plastic folders (sturdier than paper and will last longer)

– Dividers for a binder

– 1 binder (I usually carry around one 1.5 inch binder all day and then get folders for my different classes, but every teacher is different.)

– Calculator (get one according to what your math teacher says. Before Algebra I, get a 4 function one, for Algebra I / Geometry you need a scientific one, and for Algebra II on you need a graphing calculator)

– Sticky notes

– Index cards

– White out

– Backpack

– A pencil box or pouch

– A planner,  this is VERY IMPORTANT. I know they can be pricey but I’m telling you, they’re worth it.

So I hope this helps! This is right off the top of my head so I think I didn’t miss anything… anyways, have fun school supply shopping!



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