Sleeping better and deeper.

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Sleep is essential for good health, good focus, even good skin. It’s a time to rest, rejuvenate and let all of the information from the day to sink in, for you to re-gain energy and start fresh the next day.

Below are some tips to sleep better and deeper. So, if you can get your beauty sleep, you’ll sleep well, but even if you don’t have as many hours to sleep as you should (8-9), you can get the most out of the few hours you can sleep.

1. Setting a Routine

-Try to go to bed the same time every night. Your body will get used to it, making getting to sleep easier.

-Set a routine before you go to bed. Brush your hair, wash your face, brush your teeth, maybe do a few yoga poses or read a chapter or two, so your brain knows its time for bed

-Try a nice warm glass of milk or non-caffeinated tea

-Write down any worries or thoughts in a journal, so they won’t bother you while lying in bed

-Put a pad and paper next to your bed, so if you think of something you need to do, jot it down without getting up

2.Setting the Environment

-Turn off all lights. Any blinking or bright lights will tell your brain it’s time to work. When its dark, your brain prepares for sleep.

-Make sure the temperature is just right- turn on the AC if it’s too hot, or the heater (or grab a warm blanket) if it’s too cold

-If cold feet bother you, pull on a pair of socks.

-If any sounds bother you, try turning on a fan to create white noise, get a noise machine or turn on some music you like (if silence bothers you). Try relaxing light music, and avoid energetic or loud music

3. Preparing for Sleep

-Avoid rigorous exercise before going to sleep

-Do things to relax you- avoid TV and your computer. Try reading, relaxing, chatting with family or doing some yoga poses / stretches

-Get into comfortable pajamas.

-Maybe take a warm bath before sleep

-Avoid caffeine for the night and afternoon

-Avoid sugary snacks

-Put a water bottle near your bed, go to the bath room, put a pad and paper near your bed.

4.Falling Asleep

-Think about what you are doing the next day, what you might wear, something that made you happy

-Count sheep.

-Count down from 100, visualizing the numbers in your head.

-Try to clear your thoughts completely

5.Take advantage of your sleep

-Slather on foot cream and put on socks( to make your feet softer)

-Put on hand cream

-Put on any hair treatments, any facial treatments that take time to soak in


Sweet dreams ♥


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