Oily skin 101

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How do you know if your skin is oily?
You have:
Large pores
“Shiny” skin
Breakouts and blackheads
You don’t have:
Dry patches
Oily skin, has patches of shiny skin around the forehead, nose, and cheeks. If you were to wipe a tissue on this type of skin, you would see noticeable residue.
&& now on the TIPS;
– Use a deep cleanser that washes away dirt, oil, and fights bacteria
– Use a gentle toner on your clean skin
Try foundations and powders that control oil and shine without causing dryness to your skin
– Avoid touching your face during the day! Oils from your hands will get transferred from your palms or fingers without you knowing it!
– Change your pillowcases often. Oils get can trapped in the cloth and irritate your skin.


8 Effective Home Remedies For Oily Skin:
1) Apply Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera Gel is very effective in absorbing the excessive oil from the skin. Application of Aloe Vera Gel on skin also clears out the skin pores and prevents the greasy appearance. You should apply 2-3 times a day.

2) Use Salt Spray
Using salt spray is a unique and effective home remedy for oily skin. You need to add a teaspoon of salt in a spray bottle and fill it up with clean water. Shake this bottle well so that the salt gets properly dissolved. Close your eyes and spray a small quantity of this salty water on your face once a day and then blot it dry.

3) Use Water-Based Cosmetics
Use of makeup should be restricted by people, who have an oily skin. If you need to apply makeup then you should avoid using foundation because it may trap the excess oil and cause blemishes. You should choose cosmetics that are water-based. This means that you should avoid the use of oil-based cosmetics. You should avoid cream foundations and prefer gel or powder blushers. These makeup precautions will help you to deal with your oily skin in an appropriate way.

4) Apply Milk
Milk is also very effective in getting rid of the extra oil from the skin without causing dryness. You can apply milk over your facial skin in different ways. One method is to simply apply milk on your oily skin, let it remain for a few minutes, scrub gently and then wash it off properly with cool water. You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil in milk to increase its effectiveness in alleviating oiliness.
If you have extremely oily skin then you can dip a piece of ice in milk and apply it on your oily face for a few minutes. This will remove the extra oil from your face and it will look clean and fresh.

5) Use Baking Soda
Baking soda also works well in getting rid of excess oil from skin. You should add half teaspoon of baking soda into a good-quality liquid soap and shake the bottle well before using it. Take a small quantity of this mixture and rub it gently over your face, particularly the chin and the nose area. Wash it off with cool water to get rid of the extra oil. This home remedy is also effective in removing the blackheads.

6) Rinse with Cold Water
Cold water also contributes in removing the excess oil from face, without costing you a penny. You should splash your face with cold water and then blot it dry. Repeat this simple process 4 to 5 times a day. It will minimize the sebum production and will remove the extra oil to a certain extent. But you should avoid overdoing it during the winter season; otherwise you may catch a cold.

7) Apply Egg Yolk
Egg is a food that keeps your body healthy when consumed internally. But eggs have other uses too! They can be used in the preparation of many face masks that can be applied on the facial skin for maintaining the health of skin.
In order to remove the extra oil from you facial skin, you should apply the yolk of an egg on the oily skin. Let it remain on your skin for about 15 minutes. After this you should wash it off properly with cool water. The property of an egg yolk mask is that it dries out the skin, thus you get relief from excessive oiliness.

8) Apply a Homemade Scrub
Although you can get a variety of facial scrubs for oily skin in the market, it is a wiser option to prepare them at home. You can prepare a range of scrubs by using the ingredients present in your kitchen. Homemade scrubs are very effective in getting rid of the excess oil from the surface of the skin. An effective scrub for oily skin can be prepared with almonds and honey.
Take a small quantity of almond meal and mix a little bit of honey into it. Now you should gently massage your oily skin with this mixture. You can use a hot washcloth to apply this paste uniformly over your skin. After giving a light massage for a few minutes, you should rinse your face thoroughly with cool water. Almonds have the natural skin whitening property. Hence, it also serves the purpose of eliminating blemishes from your skin.
Apart from the home remedies mentioned above, you should also pay attention to your diet. Avoid eating oily foods and fast foods to prevent the occurrence of greasy appearance.

Neutrogena and Clean & Clear have some really good products for oily skin 🙂
I know this is too long but I really need to work on my oily face because I kinda can’t stand it haha (:
Good part of having oily face is when you get older, it prevents wrinkles but kinda sucks when you have large pores.

So I hope this helped ♥


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