Becoming Taller.

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I guess I could say that I’m just a bit taller than average, I’m 16&& 5’6 but many people aren’t and  if you are or aren’t but want to here’s a tip to help you.

Also, yes I do know genetics plays a large part in your height but their are some things that you can avoid or do to help you.
1// Avoid growth stunting factors

-Caffeine (No, it doesn’t make you short. But it can keep you awake. You do most of your growing in your sleep. So you really don’t need that much sStarbucksa week, enjoy it in moderation)
-Smoking (I haven’t got much to say about this, you should know the risks by now)
-Steroids (You don’t need performance enhancers! Do your best naturally. Steroids can give you health problems 😦 )

2// Sleep

-This should be easy! Who doesn’t like sleeping?
-Studies show growing teens and even adults should get 8-11 hours of sleep each night.
-Try not to use any electronics 1 hour prior to sleeping, using electronics can keep your mind racing and thinking too much.
-Sleep in a calm environment to get your best sleep.

3// Eat right

-The food we consume has an effect on everything we do and everything that makes up us.
-Take a daily vitamin everyday
– Dairy=calcium. Lots of calcium is good and promotes bone growth
-Vitamin D is necessary! Go outside and soak up the sun. Eat fish, mushrooms, and alfalfa sprouts. Maybe even take a vitamin D supplement
-Proteins! Meat, eggs, tofu,etc. they all have the essential building blocks for your body to grow. Have one to two of the above suggested proteins in at least one of your meals each day.
-Zinc. Zinc deficiency can set you up to end up being short 😦 So eat some peanuts, asparagus, peas, chocolate, eggs, etc.
-Eat 3 MEALS a day! Don’t skip out on anything please 🙂 Eat some snacks in between meals.
4// Exercise

-Light exercise is good if you’re not into heavy.
– Swimming
– Biking
– Jogging
– Yoga
-Stretching is good as well and some people claim it can help you grow taller (not sure if thats true?)
-Make it fun and exercise with a friend

5//Good Posture

-This doesn’t help you GROW taller as much is it does make you LOOK taller (same difference right? :P)
-Don’t slouch. Not in chairs and not while walking
-Keep your shoulders back and your chin up

6//Little things you can do
-Stretch in the morning when you wake up
-Stay HYDRATED (drink lots of WATER)
-Drink Milk! 🙂
-Make your meals have a variety of foods
-Sleep with your neck and back straight
-Don’t fret if you’re not super duper super model tall. Who cares? Height isn’t the most important thing in the world. You can’t change everything about yourself to make you happy. So embrace how you look!


Good luck and remember growing takes time.


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