Beauty secrets from around the world.

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– Under Eye Circles.

In Spain, they apply thin slices of potato on their eyes for ten minutes to lighten the skin and fade dark circles after a night of partying.

– Reduce Puffiness.

Scandinavian women banish puffiness with 15 to 20 splashes of ice-cold spring mineral water.

– Softer, More Youthful Skin.

In France, they apply freshly cut and mashed grapes to make skin softer and more youthful, because grapes contain potent antioxidants and have moisturizing benefits.

– Instant Lip Conditioner and Gloss.

Italian women rub olive oil on their lips to condition lips and add shine.

– Soothe Irritated Skin.

Greek women massage olive oil onto their skin to soften dry, irritated skin and to treat sunburns.

– Get Rid of Stretchmarks.

In Asia, women use white camellia nut oil to moisturize, condition, nourish, and soften skin. Shalini shares that she knows a few celebrities who swear by this oil for combating stretch marks while pregnant. Women also use it to promote hair growth, treat burns, and strengthen nails.

– A Cleansing Jumpstart.

The women of Zimbabwe drink a cup of hot tea with lemon at the beginning of the day to cleanse the system and jumpstart the metabolism.

– Strong, Shiny Hair.

In India, women massage coconut oil into their hair and scalp once a week to strengthen hair, promote growth, help with split ends, and make hair shiny.

– Dandruff Fighter.

To get rid of dandruff, Australians add a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil to shampoo.
*credit to Tumblr.

Hope these help 🙂


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