DIY Magnetic Nail’s


These are super cool I did them and I kept putting a magnet next to my finger’s and it’s really fun so I wanted to put it here so you guys could learn how to make it too.
What you need//

– Clear nail polish or white or black

– Iron fillings (I borrowed some from my science teacher, but you could find it at crafts stores too)

– Container, mixing stick and small paintbrush (This is if you don’t wanna make a whole bottle of magnetic nail polish)

-Mix the polish and a pinch of iron filings (not too much, to prevent clumping) in a container.

-Stir well.

-Paint the mixture on.

-Before it dries, hold the magnet over and close to the top of your nails for a few seconds.

-By holding the magnet in different direction, you’ll make different patterns (vertical, horizontal, diagonal).

*Picture credit to 
Have fun.


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