Dealing with procrastination.

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I procrastinate SO much especially since i’m always on the computer. I’m also pretty sure a lot of you out there do too, so with the help of a few people I know I’m here to help you guys procrastinate less this school year.

1.// Motivation

– The truth is that you’ll never get anything done without some motivation.

– Try making a reward for when you accomplish something. I usually use food but you could also use the privilege to watch TV or maybe you could say that if you don’t finish your work first, you won’t go to some ‘special’ event like a party or something.

– Imagine the bad results you could get because you procrastinated. Maybe it will be that you stay up all night and in the morning, you’re tired and regret going to sleep late. Or maybe it’ll be the bad grade you’d get in school because you didn’t work.

– Now try imagining the good results you’d get if you didn’t procrastinate. The good grades, the well-rested feeling you get when you wake up in the morning, etc.

2.// Create a work area

– It’s best to sit somewhere where you are comfortable and can’t get distracted.

– Some say that it’s best to work in a very quiet place but I tend to disagree. I always work best with my favorite music playing. It may be different for you, so try different methods until you find one that fits you.

3.// Make a list

– So now that you have some motivation, it’s best to start with a list to get everything you need to do on paper. This way you are organized and you know what you have to get done.

4.// Start getting into a routine

– Having a routine will keep things moving. Make sure your schedule is manageable, efficient, attainable and easy to follow.

– Keep your routine where you can see it as you work.

– Make sure to keep your eye on the clock so you can check that you are still following your routine.

5.// Distraction’s

– The tough part. The distractions

– I know that all our lives are extremely dramatic and we just HAVE to go on Facebook, or Twitter etc. but there are more important things to get finished before any of that. But what’s the harm of checking Instagram for a second? Well, to start, that ‘second’ usually lasts for at least an hour from my experience.

– If you really have a big problem when it comes to getting distracted by other websites, block them until you finish all your work.

– Instead finish all your work then go on the computer or play outside or whatever, that way you’ll look forward to finishing faster and doing that thing.

Have a great school year guys ♥


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