21 tips & tricks for healthy hair.

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Lately, I have been struggling to fix my hair because of the recent change of season. I found these tips on some notebook of mine from I have no idea where and I wanted to share tips and tricks to keep your hair nice and pretty.

1// As we all know, humidity enters hair, especially curly hair and changes the curl pattern. This leaves hair frizzy and full of flyaways. After shampooing, apply a leave-in humidity-fighting product or a drop of regular conditioner to fix your hair. Don’t rinse it out.

2// Too much chlorine isnt good for your hair. To keep locks in peak form, rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as possible after you swim.

3// Use gel to tame your hair if it looks wacky when you have just woken up.

4// Using the wrong brush can really ruin your “do”. To add fullness to straight hair, use a jumbo round brush. To straighten wavy hair, try a half-round styling brush or paddle brush. Never brush curly hair, scrunch your curls with your fingers instead.

5// Let your hair air-dry sometimes or as often as you can and have split-ends trimmed often.

6// Your diet does affect your hair. Choose nutritious foods for nutritious hair

7// The wrong styling product, or too much product, can really make a mess of your hair. less is more!

8// If your hair is curly, don’t use shampoos designed to add volume. Read labels and pick your cleansing products with care.

9// Baby-fine hair can cause any look to go limp- especially in the heat. Opt for a great cut.

10// If you recently changed your hairstyle, you may have some trouble working with it at first. get some ideas from the stylist before leaving the salon.

11// There are hair vitamins available at your local vitamin store that will help promote healthier and stronger hair.

12// Shampooing everyday is not good for your hair; it removes natural oils that your hair needs to maintain its shine.

13// Conditioning your hair is very important. never put conditioner on the scalp. Instead, apply it about 2-3 inches from the scalp down through to the ends. Keep a wide-tooth comb in the shower so you can avoid snarls and tangling.

14// If you use flat irons, curling irons, etc. You must use conditioner to prevent damaged hair.

15// Avoid tight styles like ponytails. They will cause breakage.

16// Never use a rubber band. Use cloth-covered bands as a replacement.

17// Avoid over exposure to the sun. If you cant avoid it, use a leave-in conditioner and spray it through your hair.

18// Limit your use of flat irons, curling irons, or blow dryers

19// You can fight frizzy hair with a silicone based serum. They are non-greasy and usually contain added vitamins.

20// Do not brush on a wet hair. Your hair is at its weakest point when wet and it will severely damage it.

21// Don’t shampoo your hair everyday because if you do, just like your skin, more oils will be given out to keep things balanced so try limiting it to every other day.

More of my hair tips.

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