Influenster (Try things for free and review them)

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Let me tell you a little about Influenster. You have to be invited to this (well that’s what I thought until I checked again, now you can just sign up) and once you do you have a just review a bunch of things. They can be things you have or used etc. Companies need feedback for their products and that comes from it’s users.

If you have lot’s of time on your hands or like trying new things this might be a thing for you. They send you all these things for free but the thing is you have to be active. I signed up in 2012 but I’ve been a little inactive but after a while I found it again and got my first box last December.

Some people join, write reviews and get boxes in a week && especially since it’s holiday season you’ll have a better chance.

It came with:

  • A goody athletic headband $6.00
  • Sally Hansen triple shine nail polish $4.99
  • Soyjoy bar $.99 (Tastes great warmed up with cold milk)
  • Montagne Clay Spa $2.49 (Made my face SO SOFT)
  • Not your mothers clean freak dry shampoo $5.99 (I’ll make a separate review post on this)

Basically $20 stuff for free to try out.

Here’s what they say:

Why Join?

  • Vox Perks
    • Gain access to digital coupons from everyday brands just for being active on social media. Influensters who connect their social accounts to amass a high Impact score tend to unlock the most exclusive VoxPerks! Make sure to be on the lookout for activities to get even better deals on select VoxPerks before you redeem them.
  • Twitter parties
    • Nothing is better than an Influenster Twitter Party. Invites get sent out in advance and attendees can RSVP to tweet alongside our hosts ranging from experts in fields like health and beauty, celebrities, and brands themselves. Even better: prizes are often awarded to the best tweets during the event so try and think up some good questions and comments in advance! You never know what will happen.
  • VoxBoxes
    • The Influenster Team ships out thousands of exclusive VoxBoxes every month from brands you know and love (or will soon love) for FREE. Some programs feature an assortment of great products while others spotlight one awesome brand.Members with high scores are prioritized, which is all the more reason to keep badge activity in the green and boost your Impact. This ensures active, social members receive products that match their interests.
  • The Hub
    • Community read. Community written. Get the insider scoop on all things consumer culture: new product news, need-to-know lists, tips and tricks from people like you, and of course, Influenster announcements!
  • Impact score
    • Connecting your social networks with Influenster lets you showcase your total social media following all in one place! The more networks you have connected and the larger those networks are, the higher your reach goes. This number ties into a lot of great Influenster perks so be sure to connect each social media platform you’re on!

  • Reviews
    • Looking to make a purchase? Found something you love and want to share it with the world? Disappointed with the latest product hype? Browse Influenster’s immense product collection to share your opinion, ask and answer questions, or share photos and videos. That way you can always get the most bang for your buck.
  • Brand Badges
    • Every month, our awesome brand partners open their own “brand badges” to select Influensters for a limited time. Members unlock by completing simple activities, for a chance to take home even more prizes such as bonus products and gift cards!

  • Leave your mark
    • Influenster is your platform to speak directly with other consumers and brands at the same time. They really want to hear your questions and comments! Your opinion can really help to improve the products you use every day, so why not flex your influence?

      So what do you have to lose? Go ahead, join.


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