Staying well in the winter.

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Sorry this post has come up so late but I’ve been putting it off for a while as I kept on adding more things and then I was like you know what? Let me just put up what I’ve got, so here it is.

The change of season, basically flu season, get’s to almost everyone. Here’s my tip on soothing a sore throat.

Get a Humidifier
The heat causes your nose to become really dry so sleep with a humidifier on ether

Eat the right medicine
If you blow your nose and clear snot comes out then you have allergies. Take an allergy pill/ medicine instead of the regular Tylenol/Motrin/etc. If you blow your nose and yellow/green mucus comes out, it means you have a cold. This means you should eat a type of Acetaminophen/Tylenol/etc.

Wear Socks
When you go to bed or just when you’re feeling cold in general wear socks. Majority of the time when you feel cold it’s because your feet is cold, so if you cover your feet 60% of your body you will feel warm again.

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize
All the harsh cold air from outside and the heaters inside will cause your skin to get super dry. If you don’t moisturize, you’ll break out from and get super dry. Your body will send out oils to help balance out your skin which will then make it oily, so moisturize your face and if you have time, your body, in the morning, evening and night time. If you don’t have time to moisturize your body, do it at least 3-4 times a week or else your skin might get so dry that you might get eczema. (If you do get it, use this, it works really nicely.) If you have oily skin you can find lotions that are oil free for example this gel (I use this in the summer tho since my skin gets oily then and it’s great).So try to keep your face to moisturize as much as you can

Drink/eat a lot of Vatamin C filled things
Your immune system is really weak during the winter and you need as much vitamin C as you can to prevent yourself from getting sick. Something you can invest in is Emmerce-C. It’s really odd tasting but in the end it’ll be work it.

Fill your diet with anything and everything healthy
This will help nourish your body and keep it from breaking out, and will help you fight any sicknesses that hit you.

Try to avoid sharing things with others
Everyone has germs and many people are sick and some you may not even know about. So if you want to avoid catching random sicknesses than you shouldn’t share things like cups, chapsticks, etc.

Use hand sanitizers and wash your hands often
In the winter, viruses are EVERYWHERE and unless you want to stay sick for weeks I suggest you keep up with this. Make sure to mosturize a lot as well after this because hand sanitizers strip away the skins much needed oils and that makes your skin even drier than it was before.

Stay healthy,


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