FREE Brilliant Bicycle for Referring Friends


Here’s a wonderful freebie, but it requires a lot of work! Brilliant Bicycle Company is a new bicycle company that is set to launch their bikes this summer! Before they launch, they are giving us a chance to score a FREE Bicycle ($399 value) when you refer 99 friends. Just go over here and submit your e-mail address to gain access to this promotion. If you can’t refer 99 friends, you can still score Brilliant Bicycle credits for future purchases when you refer 5+ friends. This giveaway ends on March 22nd — so you have plenty of time to refer!

The link provided in this post is my referral link (I really need a new bike), but please feel free to post your referral links in the comments section to help each other out! :D I would love to see many of you also score this HOT freebie!

Good luck,

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.46.40 AM


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