Have picky kids in your house who don’t really like vegetables? Try this.

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I know so many people who are picky eaters and end up being underweight [my little sister] and they seem to be fine with it. Here’s a solution for that:

Animal Parade KidGreenz Chewables Samples!

The Animal Parade KidGreenz Children’s Chewables in Tropical Fruit Flavor is an all-natural vitamin that is hypo-allergenic, gluten free and vegetarian. Each tablet contains the nutritional power of broccoli, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, kelp, lactic flora growth accelerants and much more!

Not only do these chewables give your kids all the nutrients and vitamins they need, but they also come in a delicious tropical fruit flavor! With today’s freebie, you can now get a FREE sample of Animal Parade KidGreenz Children’s Chewable vitamins!

Click here to get a sample. If your kids/you/siblings like it buy it from here because it’s the least expensive out of all other stores. [Subtotal: $9.69]


Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.46.40 AM


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