Last-minute Mother’s day gift ideas.


For those of you who didn’t know, Mother’s Day on 5/11 (this Sunday) and as soon as people hear about something like these they always think about materialistic things. This year, try something new and different instead of just buying her the typical flower bouquet.

– Take her out to a spa and just hang out with her all day

– Surprise her with a shopping spree

– If she likes floral scents, ask around or buy a new bottle of her signature perfume

– Make your own beauty products for her:

Homemade Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub & A Shaving Technique For Soft Silky Legs

So many easy ones can me found here on Pinterest.

According to a Fox article: “Nearly 9 in 10 Americans think mothers return their Mother’s Day gifts in exchange for something else. And most moms do, at least on occasion.

There’s nothing wrong with that, unless, of course, the moms had asked for the gift specifically! We found one husband and wife who know that scenario very well.

“I bought her a Mother’s Day gift probably four years ago that’s she never used,” said husband Michael Shelton. “She wanted it so badly. She never used it. It was a sewing machine.”

“I should use the sewing machine he bought me, and this summer I will, nearly five years later,” laughed Detra Shelton. “I swear!”

Whether you keep the gift or not, what’s the average amount a person spends on Mother’s Day? It’s about $65.”

Here are some more ADORABLE Mother’s Day gift ideas you can DIY (make yourself) [Because it’s the effort and love put into something that counts]

Good luck,

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.46.40 AM


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