Pretty Little Liars Themed Party.


Check out my Gossip Girl theme party if you wanna do that instead.

Since the season 7 premiere is on June 2nd, it’ll be nice to throw a little marathon party/sleepover and just rewatch a few seasons with your friends.


Decor is a big part of themed parties and here are a few ideas:


Scroll through these:


Chinese takeaway: Dirt and worms:

chinese take away dirt worms pretty little liars

Chinese take away from A pretty little liars

This snack is in reference to the 16th episode of Season 2, “Let Water Hold Me Down”, where the Liars ordered Chinese take away only to find that A had intervened and replaced their food with worms and dirt.

Screen grab of Liars about to open their take away in Pretty Little Liars s02e16

 photo pll_s2e16_49.jpg

Don’t but real dirt and worms but this is an easy thing to replicate:

  • Buy Chinese takeaway containers from the Dollar store.
  • For the dirt use a cheap chocolate mud cake from the supermarket and crumbled it up with a fork.
  • Pour this into the containers and bury gummy worms in the mix.
  • Use a red sharpie to do the typical A sign off!


Pretty Little Liars viewing party invitation! Put in an envelope and write their name on the front and


  • Marathons duh. For those of you who don’t have Netflix, use this site to watch shows as much as your heart desires. (has more shows and all seasons) + you can use this on most devices as well.
  • Tell horror stories like the girls were in the pilot.
  • Play this game: (I literally made it up right now so if it doesn’t work out, sorry)
    • What you need
      • A red coat
      •  Glow-sticks (as many as the people coming) [buy a few more just in case]
    • Before the guests arrive, make sure to get a head count of how many people are coming. Go around the house and randomly hide the glow stick. Don’t really hide, hide them but place them somewhere that’s a little hard to find but still visible without having to dig around. [For example on top of a microwave or something]
    • After the guests come and you guys decide to start playing, you’ll be “red coat”/A.
    • Turn off the lights and count to 100 or something [This is kind of like a PLL hide-and-seek]. While you’re counting, tell everyone to look around the house for a glow stick. If they find the glow stick they’re “safe” and if you spot them they just have to show you the stick.
    • The goal is to find as many people as you can before they find a glow-stick
  • Try playing this at night, I feel like it’ll be better & more fun.

Gift bags:

Matching merchandise

-If you’re rich enough, get a bunch of books from the series and give one to each person

– Jewelry or other pieces similiar to the ones the girls wore.


Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.46.40 AM


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