How to make a ‘tantoo’


Inspired girl drowned in procrastination.

Part of summer is getting tan right? And what better way to show off your tan then a sun tattoo, or ‘TAN-too’!

It’s easy & simple && here are some ways to get a tan tattoo.

1// A sticker.

Get a sticker! It should be a basic shape like heart, star, etc. Clean & dry the place you want your sticker to be, and place it on your skin. Leave it on while tanning, then remove and there you go, you have your tattoo.

2// Sunscreen.

Most people use this method. Take some sunscreen on a Q-tip or your finger and draw a simple shape. Make sure the sunscreen isn’t too think. Leave it on while tanning outside or in a tanning bed, then rinse off after consistent sun.

3// Nail Polish.

Take a color of nail polish and simple draw a basic shape, like a heart. Like the other methods…

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