Planning a Baby shower.

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This was a requested tip from one of my readers and of course I said I would help because I LOVE planning parties and events.

1. First off  decide on what kind of baby shower you want to hold. You may not know this but there are many different types of baby showers. Here are a few you might what to look into:

Shop Couples' Shower Invites

Shop Adoption Announcements

Shop Sip and See Invites

Shop Gender Reveal Invites

2. Use a check list. Since I know how stressed and confusing it can be to make one I have provided a step by step checklist to follow below:

Nine or 10 Weeks Before

  • Determine who hosts.Will it be you alone or will you share duties with a co-host?
  • Set a budget.Are you paying for it all, or are others contributing?
  • Decide where to have the party.A restaurant or catering hall? Your home, or that of a friend or family member? If you need an outside venue, scout around and book it early.  (For more on this, see “Planning a Home Baby Shower,” “Planning a Restaurant Baby Shower,” and “Planning a Destination Baby Shower.”)
  • Pick a date.Consult with the honoree’s mother, sisters, and best friends—especially those who’ll be traveling long distances—to find a time when all can be present. Shoot for a month or two before the due date, or at least a month after the baby comes home.
  • Make a guest list.Decide whether to invite women only or couples, then e-mail the honoree’s closest family members and friends for a list of people they think should be invited (with phone numbers and mailing addresses—as well as e-mail addresses, if you’ll be sending an Evite). Or, if the shower is not a surprise, consult with the guest of honor.

Six Weeks Before

  • It can be traditional (baby-related) or as simple as a garden theme, with baskets of flowers and pots of wheatgrass. Keep in mind the tastes of the expectant mother.

  • Send out invitations.Provide a map or directions to the location and an RSVP deadline of no later than a week before the date. [I suggest Minted, the pictures above]
  • Go shopping.Buy decorations and disposable tableware, plus party favors and goody bags (or order them online).
  • Plan the menu.A brunch or tea party is traditional; a light dinner works for evening showers. Also consider finger foods, a potluck, or a dessert party. If you have a theme, the foods should reflect it. If you’ll be doing the cooking, try to choose dishes that can be made a week ahead and frozen, or at least the day before.  (For more on this, see “Baby Shower Refreshments 101” and “Baby Shower Drinks.”)

A Month Before

  • Line up some extra hands.Arrange for cooking, serving, or bartending help or entertainment, as needed.
  • Order the cake.Also, the flowers, rental chairs, etc.
  • Help with thank-you notes.Print out the invitation list, with complete addresses, to give to the honoree (now, if it’s not a surprise; later, if it is), or buy cards yourself and address them for her.
  • Prepare some games.Stock up on whatever materials are needed to play, such as pencils.

A Week Before

  • Follow up on RSVP stragglers.
  • Put together the goody bags.And if you have prizes for the games, wrap those.
  • Plan to get the gifts home.Lay in a store of handled shopping bags, and use discarded wrapping paper to cushion items. If the honoree lives a plane ride away, have labeled shipping boxes and packing materials ready.
  • Assign a photographer.You’ll want your best shutterbug to take photos or videos.
  • Clean up.If the party is at your home, give it a thorough cleaning.
  • Shop and cook, if needed.If you’ll be doing the cooking, buy all the nonperishables, and prepare as much freezable food as possible.

Three Days Before

  • Complete the grocery shopping.
  •  Finish up the food preparations.

The Day Before

  • Do a quick cleaning sweep.Give your house the once-over.
  • Set up the party space.Arrange the furniture. Put out the favors, prizes, and games, and check to make sure you have everything you need. Set out trash bags where the gifts will be opened. And decorate.

On Party Day

  • Pick up the cake.Also the balloons, flowers, whatever.
  • Designate someone to help the honree.She’ll need a hand to record the gifts and the givers.

Here are some great gifts you can give her:

Walmart Baby Box

Mommies first Box

Other subscription boxes

Here’s some inspiration:

Hope these helped, [&& request anything below]

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How to clean your Toms.

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Since Toms are made out of cotton and synthetic fibers meaning they get dirty and smelly really easily but no one wants to wear smelly shoes do they? So here is how to properly wash them without messing them up.

1// Put your shoes in a pillow case, tie the end, and put them in the washing machine;

2// Add your regular detergent, then add a half cup of baking soda

3// Make sure to run it on a cold cycle.

4// After it’s done, put your nice smelling TOMS in the sun to dry.

DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER, unless you want them to shrink and become ruined.

Hope this helped.

Getting softer skin in 20 minutes.

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Who doesn’t want soft skin? Here’s a quick, easy and chemical-free way to touch up your skin once in a while.

What you need//

  1. Salt or sugar
  2. Water
  3. Towel
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Olive oil.

// Rub the oil onto the area of skin.
Pour a little bit of olive oil onto the area and rub it well. You can rub it by massaging in circular movements.

// Exfoliate the area with salt or sugar.
Put a generous amount of salt onto the skin area and scrub. Don’t be rough or you might hurt your skin. But don’t be afraid of scrub well. It’s important because this step removes dead skin.

//Leave it in for 10 minutes.
This step takes patience. You can scrub while you’re waiting. But be careful, because if you don’t leave it in for 1O minutes, you’re skin won’t be soft :c

// Wash the mixture off.
Preferably with lukewarm water. Note: don’t wash with soap or a cleanser. Why? it’s good to leave some olive oil in to keep the skin soft. And you can use the towel.

// Moisturize.
Get a healthy amount of moisturizer. Also, rub it into the skin area. But rub it in well, to make sure it makes the maximum effect.

That’s it 🙂

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My wishlist.

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Someone requested me to do a Christmas wishlist so that they can get ideas/inspired. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I decided to put one together just for Ana’s sake. (You’re so sweet)

So here goes: [in no order & if you get me any of these you’re bae]

*nudge nudge these can be super early birthday gifts ;)* [If you click the picture it’ll take you to the link]

A Forever21 gift card is the way to my heart.

Any of these clothing pieces: [L 10/12, it just depends on the dress]

Jewelry: [I like long necklaces, mostly stretchy bracelets but statement ones are great and rings, preferably stretchy because I THINK I’m size 7-7 1/2-8 but ring sets are the best]









Scarves because one can never have enough.


  • Solid
  • Printed [no characters with eyes or whatever, those creep me out or plaid ewh]
  • Floral
  • Sequined/glitter ones are nice too

A Samsung Galaxy tab 2 case

Gift card to Amazon, Charlotte Russe, f21 etc.

Idk really what else to be honest.

Happy holidays 🙂

Christmas series: Receiving a gift you don’t like.

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Tomorrow is Christmas but, while it may be all merry, and jolly, there may be one problem: you might receive a gift you do not like. Now what?

1// Don’t hurt their feelings and act appreciative.
-Don’t say anything like, “I HATE IT!” to their face. Don’t be a brat. Just smile, and thank them. Just don’t make a fuss about it and read on to see what you can do with it.

2// Return it.
-Lots of gifts come with gift receipts so you can return them back to the store. Its okay to do it, as long as the person who gave you the gift is unaware you returned it. Other times you don’t get the receipts so just look up the brand online, find the store and call them to see if they do exchanges for things without receipts.

3) Re-gift it.
-Your friend’s birthday coming up after Christmas? Wrap the gift up, and give it to them! Good way to save time and money.

4// Reuse it.
-Re-purpose it. There are so many do-it-yourself ideas online. If you get something you don’t like and don’t know how to use it, just comment down below and I’ll make a DIY idea post for it.

5// Sell it.
-On eBay, basically anything can be sold. Or you can sell it at a garage sale. Either way, try to make some money!

6// Donate it.
-Donate it to a charity or to the homeless! I’m sure they’ll LOVE it as long as its useable. It’s a good way to boost your conscience.

Happy Holidays!

15 Christmas Movies to get you and your family into the holiday spirit.

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Since Christmas is coming soon, I gathered some great Christmas themed movies to get you into the spirit of the holidays. (All of these are family friendly && I’ve linked the trailer with the name of the movies for your convenience)

A Christmas Story

The Polar Express


National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

How the Grinch stole Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Christmas Carol

The Santa Clause

Home Alone

Frosty the Snowman

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

White Christmas

The Bells of St. Mary

Miracle on 34th Street

It’s a Wonderful Life

What are your recommendations? Leave them in a comment below.

Happy holidays,

Influenster (Try things for free and review them)

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Let me tell you a little about Influenster. You have to be invited to this (well that’s what I thought until I checked again, now you can just sign up) and once you do you have a just review a bunch of things. They can be things you have or used etc. Companies need feedback for their products and that comes from it’s users.

If you have lot’s of time on your hands or like trying new things this might be a thing for you. They send you all these things for free but the thing is you have to be active. I signed up in 2012 but I’ve been a little inactive but after a while I found it again and got my first box last December.

Some people join, write reviews and get boxes in a week && especially since it’s holiday season you’ll have a better chance.

It came with:

  • A goody athletic headband $6.00
  • Sally Hansen triple shine nail polish $4.99
  • Soyjoy bar $.99 (Tastes great warmed up with cold milk)
  • Montagne Clay Spa $2.49 (Made my face SO SOFT)
  • Not your mothers clean freak dry shampoo $5.99 (I’ll make a separate review post on this)

Basically $20 stuff for free to try out.

Here’s what they say:

Why Join?

  • Vox Perks
    • Gain access to digital coupons from everyday brands just for being active on social media. Influensters who connect their social accounts to amass a high Impact score tend to unlock the most exclusive VoxPerks! Make sure to be on the lookout for activities to get even better deals on select VoxPerks before you redeem them.
  • Twitter parties
    • Nothing is better than an Influenster Twitter Party. Invites get sent out in advance and attendees can RSVP to tweet alongside our hosts ranging from experts in fields like health and beauty, celebrities, and brands themselves. Even better: prizes are often awarded to the best tweets during the event so try and think up some good questions and comments in advance! You never know what will happen.
  • VoxBoxes
    • The Influenster Team ships out thousands of exclusive VoxBoxes every month from brands you know and love (or will soon love) for FREE. Some programs feature an assortment of great products while others spotlight one awesome brand.Members with high scores are prioritized, which is all the more reason to keep badge activity in the green and boost your Impact. This ensures active, social members receive products that match their interests.
  • The Hub
    • Community read. Community written. Get the insider scoop on all things consumer culture: new product news, need-to-know lists, tips and tricks from people like you, and of course, Influenster announcements!
  • Impact score
    • Connecting your social networks with Influenster lets you showcase your total social media following all in one place! The more networks you have connected and the larger those networks are, the higher your reach goes. This number ties into a lot of great Influenster perks so be sure to connect each social media platform you’re on!

  • Reviews
    • Looking to make a purchase? Found something you love and want to share it with the world? Disappointed with the latest product hype? Browse Influenster’s immense product collection to share your opinion, ask and answer questions, or share photos and videos. That way you can always get the most bang for your buck.
  • Brand Badges
    • Every month, our awesome brand partners open their own “brand badges” to select Influensters for a limited time. Members unlock by completing simple activities, for a chance to take home even more prizes such as bonus products and gift cards!

  • Leave your mark
    • Influenster is your platform to speak directly with other consumers and brands at the same time. They really want to hear your questions and comments! Your opinion can really help to improve the products you use every day, so why not flex your influence?

      So what do you have to lose? Go ahead, join.

Affordable places to get clothing online this Black Friday.

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Want to avoid:

and just get these? Then read below.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Black Friday is one of my favorite days EVER. I love the rush but I know not everyone does and sometimes you can get the best deals online anyways so here’s a few places you can shop to get nice deals on clothing. When I’m shopping online I usually sort by the prices from low-high to see what will get me the best savings.

Charlotte Russe (They’re also doing $15 off $75+)

Forever 21

Displaying gg.png

Victoria’s Secret

Old Navy.

Target (40% off of clothing prices for the whole family)

Walmart (Everything is under $30 and there are great deals for you and your family)

Comment below with more. Have fun shopping 🙂

FREE Full-Size Sample of Dove, Degree, or Axe Dry Spray Antiperspirant.

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Go request a FREE Full-Size Sample of Dove, Degree or Axe Dry Spray Antiperspirant, courtesy of! Just watch the video and click the “Request Sample” button and fill out the short form. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. (Limit 1 per household though)


Tips for Black Friday.

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Thanksgiving is fun and all but I really look forward to Black Friday. There are some tips you’ll need to know beforehand if you want to make the most of your day.

1// Compare prices
Always compare the online price to the advertised Black Friday price cause sometimes its the same and its even free shipping.

This is so you can avoid having to go to stores early in the morning

2// Read the fine print
The fine print tells you stuff that a lot of people might not catch.

For example the store might only have 99 of the certain thing you want so you’re gonna have to get there extra early to get that or the store might only have that item from 6-7 am so you’ll have to get there at the right time to get it.

3// Budget
Always have a budget. Its always good to have a budget on Black Friday’s because there’s tons of sales and you can easily get distracted and you’ll come home broke with a bunch of stuff you don’t need. So stay focused.

4// Divide and conquer
Think of it as a war zone you have a lot of things to accomplish in a short amount of time, so if you’re going with a group of people separate, get the things you need and meet back at a certain place at a certain time so you can get on with your life faster.

5// Remain calm
On Black Friday people are cranky, tired and on a mission so its really important not to take what anyone says personally cause there on a mission and they got up at 5 am for a reason.

Hope you enjoy your Black Friday 🙂

Free Julep 4-Piece Gift Set ($62 value)

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Join Maven now here and get a Fall Fashion Neutrals Beauty Box for free! ($62 value) Use code FREEFALL at checkout. (Get one before they run out)

*Just a disclaimer you do have to pay $2.99 for shipping but come on, it’s totally worth it && if you don’t want to continue the subscription then just cancel after you get your first free box and you won’t be charged for the next box.

Have fun,

7 Busy Girl Life Hacks

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Here’s 7 simple life hacks for a busy girl.

1. Have a headache?
Take a whiff of peppermint oil! It relieves your headache almost instantly. You can put it on your skin (if it’s really strong it may give you a minty ‘burn’ feeling, it’s alright, it’s all natural) as well. You can keep it in your locker at school and if you want a little touch up on your perfume, take a roller ball (I have one of peppermint in my locker) and put it on your wrist.

2. Running late?
Make a playlist that is as long as you have in the morning to get ready. If you are on the last song, you will know you are late!

3. Can’t fall asleep?
Do some yoga or stretches while laying in bed for a few minutes and afterword you’ll fall asleep in no time!

4. Love snacking but it’s starting to show?
If you feel hungry try drinking a full glass of water? Are you still hungry? Try another. Water is good for you and has no calories.

5. Can never find your shoes while running out the door?
Hang your shoes on hooks or hangers! I hang my flip flops in my closet during the winter so I don’t lose them during the cold months. Also, hanging boots looks so cool!

6. Which key again?
Use nail polish to color code your keys. You can buy the keys with different design on them but this is a lot cheaper and a lot more fun.

7. No time to text?
Snapchat is an awesome way to keep your friends up to date on your life. I love the My Story and it’s so easy to send a quick message!

Hope these help make your life a little easier,

21 tips & tricks for healthy hair.

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Lately, I have been struggling to fix my hair because of the recent change of season. I found these tips on some notebook of mine from I have no idea where and I wanted to share tips and tricks to keep your hair nice and pretty.

1// As we all know, humidity enters hair, especially curly hair and changes the curl pattern. This leaves hair frizzy and full of flyaways. After shampooing, apply a leave-in humidity-fighting product or a drop of regular conditioner to fix your hair. Don’t rinse it out.

2// Too much chlorine isnt good for your hair. To keep locks in peak form, rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as possible after you swim.

3// Use gel to tame your hair if it looks wacky when you have just woken up.

4// Using the wrong brush can really ruin your “do”. To add fullness to straight hair, use a jumbo round brush. To straighten wavy hair, try a half-round styling brush or paddle brush. Never brush curly hair, scrunch your curls with your fingers instead.

5// Let your hair air-dry sometimes or as often as you can and have split-ends trimmed often.

6// Your diet does affect your hair. Choose nutritious foods for nutritious hair

7// The wrong styling product, or too much product, can really make a mess of your hair. less is more!

8// If your hair is curly, don’t use shampoos designed to add volume. Read labels and pick your cleansing products with care.

9// Baby-fine hair can cause any look to go limp- especially in the heat. Opt for a great cut.

10// If you recently changed your hairstyle, you may have some trouble working with it at first. get some ideas from the stylist before leaving the salon.

11// There are hair vitamins available at your local vitamin store that will help promote healthier and stronger hair.

12// Shampooing everyday is not good for your hair; it removes natural oils that your hair needs to maintain its shine.

13// Conditioning your hair is very important. never put conditioner on the scalp. Instead, apply it about 2-3 inches from the scalp down through to the ends. Keep a wide-tooth comb in the shower so you can avoid snarls and tangling.

14// If you use flat irons, curling irons, etc. You must use conditioner to prevent damaged hair.

15// Avoid tight styles like ponytails. They will cause breakage.

16// Never use a rubber band. Use cloth-covered bands as a replacement.

17// Avoid over exposure to the sun. If you cant avoid it, use a leave-in conditioner and spray it through your hair.

18// Limit your use of flat irons, curling irons, or blow dryers

19// You can fight frizzy hair with a silicone based serum. They are non-greasy and usually contain added vitamins.

20// Do not brush on a wet hair. Your hair is at its weakest point when wet and it will severely damage it.

21// Don’t shampoo your hair everyday because if you do, just like your skin, more oils will be given out to keep things balanced so try limiting it to every other day.

More of my hair tips.

Good luck,

FREE Digital Download of Wreck-It Ralph

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Disney is offering you a FREE Digital Download of Disney Wreck-It Ralph. Just take the Disney Movies Anywhere tour then click ‘get started’ to connect with your Google Play or iTunes account. Then, you can view your purchases on the Disney site and Wreck it Ralph will have been added to your account for free! Once you connect your account, you’ll immediately be able to watch the movie.

Have fun,

FREE Sample of Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet Fragrance.

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Head over here to request a FREE Sample of Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet Fragrance! Last time they offered a freebie, it came in a deluxe sized sample bottle and not on a postcard! :D That would be great to have as a travel-sized keepsake. This freebie will be delivered to you within 10 weeks. Hurry before they start giving out vials instead.

Comment below if you find any freebies 🙂

Ways to make your hair look longer.

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There are plenty of tricks for longer hair you definitely need to know. Extensions may be one of them, true enough, but they are not the only magically fast hair growth trick in the book. Here are a few other tips and tricks:

1// Straighten it.

Wondering how to make hair look longer? Well, your favorite straightener just might be everything you’ll need to make it happen! Girls with curly hair should really see a huge difference although you can count on your hair appearing longer even if it was only wavy or almost straight to begin with. Due to its smooth texture, picture-perfect, straightened hair not only looks longer but shinier too!

2// Pull it up.

Unusual? Maybe! But it works like a charm! Your shoulder length hair will look much longer and more voluminous if you tease the bottom part and twist it into a chignon or put it up into a glamorous bun using a bun sponge as a base. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how but trust me – this is one of those tricks for longer hair that really works!

3// Braid it.

Thinking about radically changing your hairstyle? Why not opt for micro-braids? This interesting hairstyle provides endless possibilities in terms of styling and can even be used to fake a super fast hair growth! Simply purchase synthetic hair of desired length (and fear not as synthetic is actually best for braids) and have your hairstylist braid those strands with your own! Voila! These braids will keep looking great well over a month, allowing you to not only enjoy the added length but keep your own hair protected as well.

4// Consider clip extentions.

Safe, relatively budget-friendly and incredibly easy to use, clip in extensions are the perfect answer to a question that has been troubling us all at some point – how to make hair look longer instantly? You can opt for very real-looking synthetic hair in case you’re not planning on using them a lot or purchase a set made with real hair that can be curled, washed and maintained just as your own tresses. Clip in, clip out – how easier can it get? I’m giving them thumbs up!

5// Wear contrast colors.

My photo says it all – I absolutely love black! I love it so much that I can freely say that every single “key piece” of my wardrobe is black! But, guess what? That’s actually a bad thing because my hair is dark enough to blend in with my clothes and appear shorter than it actually is. I haven’t really noticed this until my friend pointed it out but now that I do. I can really say that my recent efforts to incorporate a bit of color into my wardrobe are paying off. Give it a shot, it’s a good and, most importantly, very unique trick for longer hair you probably won’t get to see mentioned anywhere else.

6// Add shine.

Straight and shiny equals longer-looking! Another optical illusion, another interesting trick for longer hair to try out! So? What are you waiting for? Give your flat iron a run for its money and don’t forget to seal the look and prevent frizz by applying a coat of shine serum! This last step won’t take more than a minute of your time and will do wonders for your looks!

7// Hairpieces.

Last but not the least important, hairpieces are not the newest nor the hottest product on the market but could sure help you fake longer hair for special occasions. Have them in mind in case you’re looking for ideas on how to make hair look longer, shall you? After all, I bet no one could ever doubt their usefulness, especially when it comes to the styling of really short hair! Step one – style or smooth your hair down using gel or hairspray, step two – secure the ends into a ponytail, step three – attach a bun/chignon or a ponytail of desired length. So simple!

100% credit to

Here’s my tip on doing basic braids && here’s the one on making your hair lighter naturally.

Hope this helps 🙂

Having a class with someone you dislike.

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The feeling of disliking someone to the point where you get annoyed even when they cough. Have a person like that in class? Well here’s a few tips for you: (this was requested btw)

  • Stay calm

    The moment you walk into your class and spy the irritating being just try to keep calm. Don’t reveal your annoyance/dislike outwardly (basically don’t go up to them and say “ew” or anything like that).

  • They don’t exist

    Pretend they don’t exist. In your mind let yourself believe they aren’t even in the class with you. Keep yourself from making eye contact or any contact with them and this could be very easy.

  • Be civil

    If you must come in contact with them, be civil. Speak to them politely and straightforwardly. Try not to say anything too personal to them. If they do speak to you try to make the conversation as pleasant as it can be.

  • Working with them

    Sometimes in classes you’re going to have to work with people you dislike, it’s a part of life. Again- just try to be civil. Try your best to remain on topic and not have any conversations that aren’t about the assignment/project. However, if it gets to a point that you just cannot deal with them ask your teacher (politely) for a new partner.

  • Both don’t like each other

    If it’s a mutual dislike for each other there shouldn’t be much of an issue of seeing around them. Keep yourself distanced from them and I’m sure they’ll do the same. Don’t get in each other’s way basically.

  • Avoid

    Avoid the person by surrounding yourself with people you do like in the class. Keep yourself in a small friend group that’s away from them. If you share a friend group, don’t completely ignore them. Be POLITE. But if you can, try to keep talking to at least one person in the group.

In the end try not to get into fights and just try to find good things about the person/people because you don’t need negativity in your life, it’ll just fill you with anxiety so just let it goooooo, let it gooo.

Haha sorry.

Hope things work out,

McDonald’s: FREE Small Coffee for TWO WEEKS (September 16-29)

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Are you always tired in the morning but are too lazy to make your own coffee or you’re too broke to buy some everyday? Starting September 16th through 29th, visit McDonald’s during breakfast hours to score a FREE Small Coffee! No coupon or purchase is necessary! You can visit everyday during the promotion to get free coffee. Visit their website for complete details.


Getting rid of frizzy hair.

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Have frizzy hair? And want to fix it? Well read on and find out! 🙂

1// Apply olive oil. Take a dime sized amount of olive oil in your palm, and flip your head over. Gently massage the oil into your roots by starting at the nape of the neck and working up to the crown of the head. Rub a little more oil. Apply a little more oil to your fingers, and run it through your hair to gently but evenly distribute it. Flip head upright. To create a shine at the roots, you can part your hair and rub the oil on the hairline. Comb through. Or, leave your hair like that to get a wavy look. Blow dry or air dry.
2// Don’t wash hair every day. This kind of hair needs the natural oils from your scalp to reduce frizz. To upkeep your desired style, just wet hair with some conditioner on non-washing days (rinse thoroughly).
3// Use raw egg. Eggs aren’t just for a breakfast; they can be used to maintain healthy frizz-free hair as well. Simply crack a raw egg and lather it into your hair. Let it sit for a full fifteen minutes before proceeding with your normal shampoo and conditioner regimen.
4// Try using a vinegar solution. Combine 4 oz. of apple cider vinegar with 1 qt. of water and mix well. Rinse your dry hair with the diluted vinegar mixture before conditioning. Not only is this an all-natural alternative to conventional rinses, it works as a great clarifying shampoo and prepares your scalp to accept the moisture that helps your hair behave.
5// Make sure you are using the right brush. A lot of times your hairbrush can be a big part of the reason you have frizzy hair. If you brush too hard, breakage can occur, which can dry out your hair and inhibit its natural texture. Check with your hairdresser to be sure you are using the right hairbrush for your hair type.
6// Lather in honey. Honey is a great all-natural conditioner for your hair. A great bonus is its sweet smell. Simply mix equal parts organic honey with the oil of your choice. Lather into the hair and let sit for at least 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water
7// Gently blot your hair with a towel to squeeze out excess water after a shower or bath. Do not rub vigorously since this can damage the hair strands. Use a wide-tooth pick and gently comb through your damp hair to remove tangles.
8// Wash your hair using a shampoo that contains natural humectants, which are derived from animal or vegetable fats and lubricate your hair, attract moisture and reduce frizz.
9// Apply an oil rinse. All-natural oils like almond oil and coconut oil not only work well to nourish your hair into behaving; they smell great too. Shampoo and condition as normal after letting your hair absorb the natural oils.


Hope this helps 🙂

FREE Wedding Invitation Samples/ Pretty Stationary.

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Getting married soon or know someone who is? Or do you just want pretty, printed card stock? If so order some here and you’ll get 8 card samples for free; just use the code FREETRY. I’ve done it twice, one for me and the other for my sister and they’re gorgeous.

Stunning Silhouettes - Signature Foil Wedding Invitations - Papier Fabrik - Black : Front

Fresco Florals - Signature White Textured Wedding Invitations - Petite Alma - Paradise - Blue : Front

Stylish Starfish - Signature White Textured Wedding Invitations - Jenny Romanski - Bay - Green : Front


B a s i c Braids. ♥

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Braids are really simple and easy but they look like you actually took a lot of time to get ready.

Here are a few simple braids that every girl should know how to do:

* NOTE: for all braids below & or any braid for that matter, neatly comb your hair.

[Click the braid name to get a video of how to do the braid. I find watching someone doing a braid is easier than actually reading it]


//Basic 3 strand braid.


// French Braid


//Dutch Braid


// Fishtail;Fishbone;Herrington Braid

//French Fishtail Braid


Have fun 🙂


A Self-help Masterpost.

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All credit goes to the masterpost…posters. Because they’re great people. 

Cheer up and Relax
Fun Stuff
Mental Illness
Self Harm
General Self Help
In Case Of Emergency


I love this and it’s SOOO helpful. I hope it helps you also. Bookmark it, save it do whatever.

Natural hair Highlighter/Lightener.

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This summer, instead of heading to the salon to get hair highlights, do it yourself at home naturally! Using ingredients you can find in your own kitchen, you can have beautiful sun-highlighted hair in no time. ♥

The best known of the natural hair highlighters is lemon. Mix 1/4 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice and 3/4 cup of water in spray bottle. Spritz lemon water onto your hair but do not saturate scalp. Leave mixture on your hair for 2 hours, spending at least 30 minutes of that time in the sun. Be sure not to get lemon juice on your skin before going in the sunlight. It could cause blistering. Condition your hair before and after using lemon because it can dry your hair. 
//Olive oil
You may know that olive oil is a fabulous hair conditioner but many people don’t realize it can be used as a natural hair lightener too. Comb a generous amount of olive oil through your hair. Spend about an hour in the sun and then wash out the oil. Your hair will not only be naturally highlighted, it will be moisturized too! Repeat three days a week until you achieve the desired highlights. 
//Chamomile tea 
Believe it or not, brunettes can get natural golden highlights this summer with chamomile tea. Boil a pot of chamomile tea and allow it to cool completely. Wash and condition your hair normally, then rinse your hair with the tea. Relax outside in the sun with your tea-drenched hair for 30-60 minutes. Repeat every other day until your hair has beautiful natural highlights. 

Honey, though very sticky, can actually highlight your hair. You can apply honey straight to your wet hair and leave on for two hours. An alternative method is to mix equal parts of honey, lemon and water in a spray bottle. Apply to damp hair and spend an hour in the sun. You will need to wash your hair twice to get out all the honey. Honey gives hair a lot of bounce and natural highlights. 
Light colored beer, such as Corona, is great for adding natural sun-kissed highlights to your hair. Get a six-pack of beer and empty four of the bottles into a basin. Saturate you hair in the beer and then head outside. Drink the other two beers while you wait for the beer to do its magic. About an hour later, rinse out your hair with cool water. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner and style as usual. Repeat 2-3 times a week. 
These ingredients will not lighten your hair immediately, but over time they will.


Have fun, 

iPhone Tips and tricks.

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1. Save Battery Life (When It Is Running Low)

When your iPhone battery is running low, turning off the following settings can help make your iPhone last longer. With these off, you can still receive calls, SMS and even go online with EDGE connection.
1.Settings > Wi-Fi > Off.
2.Settings > Bluetooth > Off.
3.Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off.
4.Settings > General > Cellular > Enable 3G > Off.
5.Settings > General > Cellular > Enable LTE > Off.
6.Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring & Silent > Off.
7.Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Auto-Brightness > Off.
8.Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Off.

2. Stop Music With A Timer

Do you like to listen to music when getting into bed for the night but often doze off without switching the iPhone off? You can use a timer to help you shut down the music.

To do this, tap on Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends. Scroll down and tap Stop Playing. Then, set a timer (say 30 mins) and tap Start. Now you may play any music and it will be turned off after 30 mins.

3.Delete Last Digit in Calculator App

Entered a wrong digit in the Calculator app? Instead of tapping the Clear [C] button, you can just swipe your finger to the left or right of the numbers to clear the last digit. Each swipe will remove the last digit until the number becomes zero

4. Set An Alphanumeric Passcode

Add an extra layer of protection to your iPhone with an alphanumeric passcode.

To activate it, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. Turn off Simple Passcode and you will be prompted to enter your alphanumeric password.

5. Use Headphone Cord to Take Photo

Shaky hands not getting you good photos? Well you can trigger a snapshot using the volume up or down buttons on your headphone. (the ones that come with the phone!)
6. Switch Shooting Directions in Panorama

Tap the arrow in Panorama mode to switch the shooting direction so you can take a panorama picture from left to right or right to left.

7. Find Word Or Phrase within a Web page

Searching for a word or phrase in a web page? In Safari, type in the word in the search bar on the top right and tap Search. In the results page, scroll all the way down and you will see how many words were found on the web pages. Tap on the searched word/phrase and you will be directed back to the web page with the searched word/phrase highlighted in yellow.

8. Undo Typing To Delete Typed Message

Hate getting carpal tunnel on your fingers from clearing your written SMS? Try this trick. Shake your iPhone and tap Undo Typing to delete your message. Changed your mind? Shake your iPhone again and tap on Redo Typing to retrieve your original message.

9. Type Emoji with Shortcuts

If you like to use Emoji in messaging but don’t like to switch the virtual keyboards repeatedly, try this trick to type Emoji with alphabets shortcuts.

1.Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.
2.Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut…
3.Insert a frequently used Emoji in Phrase.
4.Insert a text in Shortcut which will be used to convert to Emoji.

11. Generate Random Passwords with Siri

Yes, the voice assistant Siri can do more than what it offers in command lists, including generating random passwords for you. Just activate Siri and say “random password” and you’ll be provided an 8-alphanumeric-character password from Siri. You can even add the character length e.g. “random password 16 characters”.

12. Filter Groups That Can Reach You

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature allows us to silence calls, alerts and notifications when the iPhone is locked. However there are important calls that we can’t afford to miss, for example, calls from Mom or your heavily pregnant wife. Here’s a tutorial to help important groups of people reach you even in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

  1.  Create A Group In Contacts
  2. Then, tap on Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb
  3. On the ‘Do Not Disturb’ page, tap on ‘Allow Calls From’ and choose the group you want notifications to come in for, regardless of the Silent Mode being on.

14. Send Multiple Photos At Once In Messages & Mail

Don’t like to add and send photos one by one in messaging or email? Try this trick.

To start, on your iPhone, tap on the ‘Photos’ icon and choose from which album you want to select your photos from. Then, tap on ‘Edit’ on the upper right corner. Select all the photos that you want to send by tapping on the photos. Selected photos will have a red check near the bottom right corner. At the bottom left corner of your screen, tap on Share. Then press Copy. By pressing copy, you have copied all of the photos you selected to the clipboard. Now, go back to your home screen and tap on Messages. Compose your message. On the space where you compose your message, press on it for 2 seconds and you will see a Paste bubble pop up. Press Paste to paste all your photos.

15. Disable Messages Preview

Here is a simple way to prevent others (see: annoying dad, mom, sister, brother, best friend) from accidentally reading your incoming SMS alerts when your iPhone is left unattended.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Preview. Tap the option and turn it off to exclude a preview of the message in alerts and banners.

16. Activate Text-To-Speech On iPhone

Activate the ‘Text-to-Speech’ function to let your iOS read out a highlighted article for you. It could be very useful if you want to learn the pronunciation of new words or just want to sit back and let your iPhone read out an article for you while you’re driving.

Launch “Settings” and tap on “General”. Scroll down to “Accessibility” and tap on “Speak Selection” Slide to “ON” and adjust the “Speaking Rate” slider to an appropriate setting

17. Siri
Change the way Siri pronounces a name
If Siri mispronounces a name, simply say “that’s not how you pronounce that.” Siri will ask you for the correct pronunciation, then say the name back to you three different ways so you can choose the one you like.

Tell Siri who’s who
Tell Siri about your relationships, such as “Natalia is my wife” or “Rick is my dad.” Then you can say “Text my wife” or “Call Dad” and Siri knows who you mean.

All credit goes to HONGKIAT.

Hope these helped.

Cleaning your makeup brushes.

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Makeup brushes are made with real hair so you need to treat them really gently.

Spot cleaning it //(when you’re doing your makeup and want to clean it on the spot so you can use another color)

How to spot clean brushes:

-Just spray a bit of cleanser onto a paper towel and wipe your brush onto it. It dries really quickly so you could continue using it.

What cleansers to use when you spot clean your brushes:

– MAC Brush Cleanser // found at M.A.C., Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. (They cost around $13 each)

– Any baby wipe’s or any anti-bacterial wipes

– Clinique brush cleanser// (Honestly I like this one better then the M.A.C one because you’re able to spray it on, but the MAC one is bigger and contains more cleanser in it)

– Isopropyl Alcohol//(found at any drug store)

– Parian Spirit//(found at Imax)

Deep cleaning//(basically after a few weeks you really want to deeply clean your brushes and get out everything and make sure you get the sebum, old makeup, oils, etc. out so you don’t break out.)

How to deep clean brushes:

Start or by getting some in to your palm or a plate and just swirl it until it starts to lather and then rinse off. Make sure it doesn’t get past the silver part or else water’s gonna get inside the glue and make it loose. Slowly and gently squeeze out the bristles, or else the whole bristle might come off …
Happened to me last year because I pulled to hard. Whoops.

What cleansers to use when you deep clean your brushes:

-Dish washer soap with some olive oil/ to disinfect and condition

– Baby shampoo or normal shampoo also works fine

– Face wash like Cetaphil etc.

Hope this helped ♥

Get white teeth with a freebie.

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Who doesn’t want white teeth? && a chance to get white teeth for free? That’s even better.

I mean just look at them:

No matter how pretty you are, EVERYONE is more beautiful with a gleaming white smile. 

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You’ll receive a Whitestrips sample and a $10 coupon for a full box (and a whiter smile!), redeemable at your nearest store. Limit one per household.

Use the promo code J2L6.

I believe you get one or two of those packets below:


Happy Whitening.