Getting into the College/University of your choice.

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School is starting back up and I know there are many people who are in high school and are most likely going to go to college/university. Hopefully, this helps you guys out a bit and if you know anyone in high school, share it with them so they can benefit.
These tips will not ensure you get accepted into your dream school though, it will just help you out and increase your chances of being accepted!

So let’s get started:

  1. Take the right classes.
    1. You may not think that this is a big part of the college acceptance process, but it is! Taking the right courses definitely plays a role in what the college thinks of you.
      1. You want to challenge yourself by taking higher level courses. Colleges like seeing the strength in your schedule so take AP/IB/Honor/Dual Credit (if don’t know the difference comment below and I will explain) courses when you can! However, if you really are struggling in those classes it’s okay to drop as long as your still in the first quarter of the class. (It has to be then because then it will not show up on your college transcript). Also, these classes are worth more then Pre-AP/normal classes and have a heavier weight into your GPA, meaning they can boost it.
        1. In addition, take classes in high school that may reflect what you want to do later in life. For example, if you want to be something with a science major, then take a lot of science classes and try taking them at a higher level and take them seriously, they’re going to look at your grades!
            1. (I’m going to pick random Universities from Texas) Take your required Dual Credit courses then try to take courses that are mostly degree based.
              1. Decide what your top 3 colleges are and if you can narrow down to one.
              2. Go to the schools website and look up the majors offered and what you want to take from there
              3. THEN LOOK UP something like “Unt Business management degree plan” or “UNT business management 4-year plan” and they give you a bunch of courses.
              4. The first two years can usually be taken at a community college so look at what’s transferable and try to take a bunch of courses from the first two years this year 🙂
                1. You should get something like this or this, NOT this.
                2. OR LOOK UP “UNT TRANSFER GUIDE” and you’ll see all the options here.
                  1. You’ll see the courses you can take at a community college, BUT not all universities accept all courses. Look up “UTA COURSE EQUIVALENCY” or whatever and you’ll get something like this.
  2. Be Active!
    1. This doesn’t only apply to sports. Be active within your community and school! Try to partake in as many clubs that interest you and volunteer whenever you get the chance. The one thing that all colleges are interested in is how involved in school and the community were you. Holistic students have a higher chance of getting accepted into universities than those who only have good test scores or a 4.0 GPA.
    2. Try joining things like sports teams, your Student Council, Yearbook, etc. because they would look great on your application.
    3. VOLUNTEER. I recommend you volunteer at a place that is in a similar field to what you want to be (like hospitals if you wanna be a doctor etc) but honestly you can volunteer anywhere. [Humanitarian things look the best like picking up trash, working at schools, hospitals, soup kitchens, shelters etc)
  3. Show Interest in the School.
    1. Go on college tours around the schools that you are applying to. When you register to go on the college tour, the name gets stored in their system so when you do apply they will check and see that you’ve shown interest so that’s some bonus points for you 🙂
    2. The same goes to visiting their tables at college fairs that your school may hold or when the admission officers visit.
    3. As soon as you send in your application, send an email to the admissions officer at that school and schedule an interview. This is a BIG deal so be professional about it and go in as if you were going to a job interview.
      1. Try not to stumble over your words and be mature and use some big words here in there. In the right context of course!
      2. Also, try to look up questions they ask at college interviews.
      3. Knowing some information about the school might get you some extra points.
  4. Applying early.
    1. Apply as early as you can. Early action/decisions are a great way to show the school you are interested plus you get a faster response.
      1. There’s a catch though, Early Decision applications binding meaning if you get into that school, YOU MUST GO! So I suggest applying Early Action if you’ve figured out your number one choice.
      2. If the school has “Rolling Admissions” I would suggest applying ASAP so your application is right at the top and it shows the admissions office that you are dedicated and want to go to that school.

That’s really all I have for now.
If you don’t get in, DO NOT WORRY. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the results you were hoping for. Don’t worry if you haven’t got into your chosen University. The important thing is that you understand that your life is not ruled by results, grades and education. If your dream job requires diplomas, degrees and such, then go and try again! Don’t give up chasing your dream.

If i think of anything else, I will be sure to add it!

I hope these helped. Feel free to leave any questions or requests below 🙂

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Tips for taking the SAT & ACT

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For those striving to attend college after high school, you all know you need to take the SAT/ACT (see which one your university requires before you take the one you prefer) and to attend amazing universities, you need exceptional scores in order to even be considered.

The ACT is curriculum-based (English, math, reading, science and an optional writing section), while the SAT is more of an aptitude test focused on vocabulary, reading comprehension, general reasoning and problem-solving skills.

If you have a hard time staying focused for long periods, the ACT may be the test for you. It’s shorter, generally more straightforward and there are more knowledge-based questions. English and math are a part of both tests, but the content and orientation is different.

The SAT focuses more on vocabulary and the ACT concentrates on grammar, punctuation and syntax. The ACT includes science and trigonometry, neither of which is found on the SAT.

I plan on taking the SAT on March 14 (the last day to register is Feb 13) and the ACT on February 7th (Last day to register is Jan 9th) and it really does require as much studying as you can get and also time management in order to do well and finish your sections. If you’re planning on taking it and don’t know where to start, please continue reading. I’ll list a few tips and helpful books you can use to study in order to prepare.


1. Make a College Board account
College Board does everything from AP testing to SAT/ACT testing. Making an account will keep you up to date on test wise and you can also start making your college profile. This site keeps you well organized, keeps you up with SAT dates and you will also use it to sign up for the SAT. They also provide the SAT Question Of The Day, which tests your skills in critical reading, writing and mathematics to see where you stand in each category. These questions become very useful when studying for the SAT so you’ll know what you need to work on the most. Its also important to make an account in order to know what your scores are and if you took the PSAT, your scores should be under “My College QuickStart”

2. Study at least 15 minutes each day.
Although it doesn’t seem like much, it really does pay off on the day of the test. For SAT/ACT books that provide tests, each section is usually 15 minutes. (Luckily on the test, most of the sections are at least 20 minutes long). If you have bad timing, this will allow you to improve your time management skills that’ll be much needed when attempting to answer all the questions.

3. Brush up on your vocabulary
This will become very handy in the critical reading section, writing section and the essay for the ACT . In some passages in the critical reading section, they’ll explain one or two words that are italicized but most you need to know on your own. For the fill in the blanks questions, there will also be vocabulary words that you never even know existed which is why its important to study vocabulary. With broad vocabulary, you can also write an amazing essay. Instead of mix, you can use amalgamate. explained or exclaimed instead of said. You can make an ordinary essay extraordinary by using descriptive vocab(:

4. Mark questions you got wrong or don’t understand
When doing this, you can learn how to do the process to get the right answer. This especially applies to the mathematics section since its the section most students have trouble with (including myself haha)

5. Improve reading and writing speed
This applies to tip #2. In the critical reading sections, there are mixtures of short passages, double passages and long passages. Its key to know your reading speed and also improve it if you can. For the writing (essay section) you only get 25 minutes to write an essay. Take at least 5 minutes brainstorming what the prompt is asking you and then begin to write. DO NOT start writing immediately because there is a chance you’ll take gaps between the essay to think about what else to write and the clock is not going to wait for you. Also you only get two pages to write on, so if you tend to ramble or write like a dinosaur (me xD) make the essay short, simple and sweet.

6. Improve on your guessing
As you advance towards the end of the sections in the SAT, you’ll notice the difficulty level has drastically increased. With this, guessing does come in handy if you have 5 minutes until the end of the section. Crossing out one or two answers can improve your chances on getting the answer correct. You can learn more about guessing in the books I will list later below.

7. Register EARLY!
Trust me, it’ll pay off, literally lol. If you register early, you only have to pay $50 (unless you’re able to get a free waiver. Talk to your counselor at your school and ask about the SAT fee waiver to take it for free) for late registration it’ll cost $77 and you’ll probably get a testing location far from your home. Its best to register early and get the best testing location possible. It takes about 20 minutes to register and make sure that EVERYTHING is correct, especially your name. You cant change your name in the settings, you have to call College Board for that. Once you have registered, you need to print out your ticket. DO NOT lose that ticket on the day of the test, they will not let you in. Make sure you have a valid picture on the ticket and an ID with you also.

8. Take the tests more than once
Unless you’re happy with the score that you got, but if you would like to improve, it doesn’t hurt to take the test again! You’re putting all this studying in anyway, so put it to good use! 😀

9. Practice.
Practice tests are extremely important. Not only do they help to get you comfortable with the test, they also help show your weak points.

– ACT practice test::
– SAT practice test::

There is this AMAZING website where you can practice a bunch of questions daily and they have videos for every problem explaining how it’s right (if you got it wrong) and it’s absolutely free.

Ask your parents to also sign you up for classes locally because those are really helpful. The thing I like about them is that they make you do the work when you wouldn’t otherwise if you were by yourself.

10. Set a goal, but be realistic about it.
For the most part, it’s going to be near-impossible to make a perfect score the first time you take the test.

– Make sure you goal is reasonable, and something you can work towards.

11. A day of rest.
The day before you take the ACT/SAT, don’t do any kind of studying. Give your brain a nice rest; go to bed early and have a nice carb filled breakfast the next morning.


\\ Read the directions completely and carefully! You don’t want to miss any important information.

\\ Read the questions carefully. Make sure to look for words such as except, false, true, etc.

\\ Pace yourself. You do want to rush, but you don’t want to run out of time either.

\\ Answer the easy questions first. If you come across a question you don’t know, come back to it later. If you still don’t know the answer, rule out the wrong answer and make an educated guess.

\\ If you have time left over when you’re finished, then go back and check your answers.

1.) Up Your Score
This book not only explains the tests clearly, but it also has snippets of humor so you wont just be reading about it. I recommend this book for those who have a difficult time trying to read a book without getting distracted since it provides humorous jokes and stories throughout.


2.) The Official SAT Study Guide

If you’re planning to take the SAT in the fall, I would suggest on getting this book now. This book is over 1000 pages but it provides much needed and useful information and also include tests to enhance your skills. There are also videos on YouTube that use this book which is helpful in order to take a break from the book and watch a video.

3.) Boot Camp For Your Brain
This book is functional for this who have taken the SAT in the past. If you weren’t happy with your last scores and want to improve them, I would suggest getting this book. This book is also a good substitute from “The Official Guide” but both work very well(:

1.) Cracking the ACT/SAT
It’s so easy and understandable and if you really need the breakdown of the tests, you should really get this.

Well that’s about it. I really hope you guys found this helpful in order to get started on preparing. Taking 15-20 minutes out of the day is not much and it’ll be worth it when you get a high score on the SAT and get into the college/university of your dreams. Good luck on studying and taking the test, if you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

Good luck,

Having a class with someone you dislike.

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The feeling of disliking someone to the point where you get annoyed even when they cough. Have a person like that in class? Well here’s a few tips for you: (this was requested btw)

  • Stay calm

    The moment you walk into your class and spy the irritating being just try to keep calm. Don’t reveal your annoyance/dislike outwardly (basically don’t go up to them and say “ew” or anything like that).

  • They don’t exist

    Pretend they don’t exist. In your mind let yourself believe they aren’t even in the class with you. Keep yourself from making eye contact or any contact with them and this could be very easy.

  • Be civil

    If you must come in contact with them, be civil. Speak to them politely and straightforwardly. Try not to say anything too personal to them. If they do speak to you try to make the conversation as pleasant as it can be.

  • Working with them

    Sometimes in classes you’re going to have to work with people you dislike, it’s a part of life. Again- just try to be civil. Try your best to remain on topic and not have any conversations that aren’t about the assignment/project. However, if it gets to a point that you just cannot deal with them ask your teacher (politely) for a new partner.

  • Both don’t like each other

    If it’s a mutual dislike for each other there shouldn’t be much of an issue of seeing around them. Keep yourself distanced from them and I’m sure they’ll do the same. Don’t get in each other’s way basically.

  • Avoid

    Avoid the person by surrounding yourself with people you do like in the class. Keep yourself in a small friend group that’s away from them. If you share a friend group, don’t completely ignore them. Be POLITE. But if you can, try to keep talking to at least one person in the group.

In the end try not to get into fights and just try to find good things about the person/people because you don’t need negativity in your life, it’ll just fill you with anxiety so just let it goooooo, let it gooo.

Haha sorry.

Hope things work out,

Studying online ♥

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Hey guys. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who uses the Internet to study and sometimes its pretty hard to find a good link. I’m here to make your life easier 😀


YAY MATH (just helpful videos)

AlgebraHelp (has calculators if you need them)


YourTeacher Math Help

Mathway (Calculator)



Math Is Fun



OWL Purdue

English Grammar

Grammar Monster

English Forums



Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia



Fact Monster

Khan Academy

Homework Spot



Hippo Campus

Spark Notes

Crash Course


That’s all I have for now i’ll update this if i find any more. 🙂

Comment below if you know about any more.

Good luck,

Studying 101

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Studying is really important no matter what age and it is SO, SO helpful. It’s just, a lot of times we get so overwhelmed and stressed out by it and we either end up not doing it, or doing it while being distracted or whatever so here are a few tips of mine on how you can study to your fullest.

Before you start studying//

1. Do something you like.

Go on Facebook or check instagram. These things are fine as long as you time yourself , which is the most important part! Self-control is a BIG part of learning and developing good study tips.
2. Relax

Calm yourself but listening to some soft music, or reading a book. Remember though, you have to time yourself.
3. Eat

Get a few snacks like chips or fruit right before you start studying or do your homework. Once you start it though, just have a water with you.
4. Go outside for a few minutes

Take a quick run in your back yard or swing for a few minutes and breathe in some fresh air. This will make you feel better.
5. Get comfortable

Clean your self up. Maybe you just want to throw your hair back in a messy bun and put on your PJ pants. Or if you haven’t showered taking a warm shower and changing into comfortable clothes.

-These things aren’t to help you procrastinate, just to clear your mind until you study.
-Do one or two of these things, than start your homework.
-Time yourself so you know how long your taking.


During studying//

1. Get rid of any electronics; electronics can easily distract you. So hid them all in a draw and just forget about them. If that doesn’t help, give it to someone like a sibling or parent.

2. Find a quiet place: go into your room or somewhere quiet. Inform your family that you are studying so that they stay quiet.

3. Study ahead! DO NOT cram it in the night before: cramming all your studying the night before will give you stress and you won’t know the topics as well. There’s a scientific study which proves that after 10 pm your mind starts to slow down and you can’t process as much and do as much as usual

4. Study all necessary vocab words or equations: vocab words will help you a lot. Equations will help you do well on a math or science test.

5. Make flashcards to study vocab: flashcards are my favorite way to study. they are a fun way to quiz yourself.

6. Study for the test that is closer first and the ones that are farthest away last

7. When studying highlight important info from your’e notes (hint, study w/ notes. Yes, this means you should be taking notes during class). This will make info stand out, and is great for reviewing a free minutes before a test.

8. While taking notes from your textbook or helpful videos on YouTube use different colored pens. I PROMISE these are so helpful, especially while you’re going over your notes. Use the internet: I realize I told you not to get online or use electronics above, but if you exercise self control, it’s an awesome tool for studying. You can watch videos, read papers, or read notes on just about any topic. There are also sites that have flashcards and games to help students. I searched “study websites” on Pinterest and it brought up several helpful lists of educational sites on the internet.

9. Make a Picture.  Whether it’s mental or I actually draw something, I find that I can recall the picture in my mind when I take the test. Think of a silly joke or a mnemonic to remember something, and draw it out. A mnemonic is an acronym or a sentence that helps you remember something. Think “please excuse my dear aunt Sally.” You could also write a short song, for example the Quadratic song

10. Rewrite your notes as if you were writing them for a friend. This makes you write them more clearly. This will also help you review over what you wrote in class.

11. Record yourself reading your notes, and listen to it to cement the material in your brain. If you want you can also play them as you fall asleep to help it stick as well.


A few study hacks//

1. Chew a unique flavor of gum while studying. Then chew the same flavor of gum when taking the test so that the flavor will help jog your memory
2. Lay a trail of snacks when reading through dense passages.
3. If you like listening to music while studying, stick to instrumental music. Listening to vocals would be a distraction, unless you can handle the vocals
4. Use practice tests or study guides. Just google the subject of what you will be tested on and hopefully something would pop up. There also could be review pages in a text book
5. Try an online interactive flash card site like
6. Take notes using different colored pens.This will fire up your visual memory. It also looks pretty and makes taking notes more enjoyable.
7. The Pomodoro technique: do some serious studying for 25 min. Then a 5 min. break. Then back to 25 min. studying.


A few random tips//

Setting Goals:
1. Identify your goal
Make sure your goal is realistic (none of that I want to see the whole universe!) (also make it school related… there is always something you want to achieve.) Write down your goal so you can remember it.

2.Set a Deadline
Choose a reasonable time you want to have achieved your goal. (Make sure it’s reasonable, not to short but not to long 🙂

3.Make it Manageable
Divide your goal into a series of steps. Your task will be easier to complete.

4.Reward Yourself
When you’ve completed your task then you can reward yourself with something that you’ve been wanting!!

Managing your Time:
1. Give yourself a deadline
Have a sheet that you can create a timeline.
Make a schedule

2.Get Started
Follow the schedule you wrote down, this will help with organization as well.

Always check your timeline and schedule and make sure you have everything you need done done.
+Always study with someone. You may know the material, but do you really know the material? Make sure to NOT get carried away

+Get a Planner. It helps you remember when you have tests and also it holds what you learned for that test (homework)

+Always look over your homework. The give you the homework for a reason, so you can learn the material and review it.

+ Write the word or whatever on a board or tape paper with it on the walls. Have a fly swatter or anything works. Have a friend read the definition and find the word and slap it. you get a point. If you do the wrong one you don’t get a point. Keep going and try to get all the points
+ Play like jeopardy. Tape a paper that says how many points on one side and have the question on the back. Pick a card and have a friend read the question for you say the answer and if you get it right you get how many points were on the front of the sheet. Keep going!
+ Plan ahead. Find out when tests are going to be, that way you can be prepared.

+ Review what you learned in class every night, especially if you don’t understand something.

+ Before a test write down everything that you have to study for. If you’re not sure ask a teacher or friend. Write down the hardest things first, and the easist last. Study in that order♥

+ Don’t understand something? Write it down and ask a teacher the next class. Most teachers are able to stay before&after school. Nobody will think your’e dumb, plus teachers will be glad you care enough to ask.

+ Staying organized is a big part of studying and over all doing well in school. You should have a notebook for notes in each class or at least dividers for each class. Take organized notes and write neatly! You won’t study well if you can’t even read the information you’re supposed to know!


Hope these helped a lot,

How to start your school year.

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First off, think about how you were last school year towards the end. Super comfortable and used to everything. Try to use that mentality when starting, since unless you are changing schools the same people will likely be in your classes. If you weren’t happy with how you acted, change it! Be more confident.
Don’t try to please everybody, since that is impossible. At least SOMEBODY is bound to not like you. And that’s completely okay! Don’t change yourself because a small group of people have a problem with you, it’s pointless.
Stay strong. As long as you don’t give into peer pressure or do stupid things, your year should go just fine!

Once you get your schedule, talk to anybody in the grade above you that you know and see if they had the teachers you are going to. If they like them, good! If not, you can always talk to your school guidance counselor and get that changed. But don’t be too quick–some people that say teachers are super mean end up being my favorite.
Go to your school and find all of your classes beforehand, so you are not completely lost on your first day. See when you are able to go to your locker too–you might not have that much time. In middle school I had 3 minutes to get to each class, and most of mine were on opposite sides of the school from each other.
Meet your teachers beforehand if you can, and get to know them. That way they will be nicer to you when the first day comes. Make a good impression of yourself on the staff.
If you’re in high school, ask your counselor about Dual Credit, AP classes etc. Use this or these: (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)to help you throughout the year.

Making friends// 

Join clubs!!! Clubs are the easiest way to find people that share similar interests and make friends. 
Friendship happens over time. Someone might be a little creeped out if you go up to them and scream “CAN WE BE FRIENDS????” Try to have a conversation with them, invite them over, and then you will be friends.
Also, don’t be super mean or exclusive. You won’t make friends. Be friendly and y o u r s e l f, and you’ll be fine 🙂

Good luck.

//(Comment below with a request)\\