Studying 101

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Studying is really important no matter what age and it is SO, SO helpful. It’s just, a lot of times we get so overwhelmed and stressed out by it and we either end up not doing it, or doing it while being distracted or whatever so here are a few tips of mine on how you can study to your fullest.

Before you start studying//

1. Do something you like.

Go on Facebook or check instagram. These things are fine as long as you time yourself , which is the most important part! Self-control is a BIG part of learning and developing good study tips.
2. Relax

Calm yourself but listening to some soft music, or reading a book. Remember though, you have to time yourself.
3. Eat

Get a few snacks like chips or fruit right before you start studying or do your homework. Once you start it though, just have a water with you.
4. Go outside for a few minutes

Take a quick run in your back yard or swing for a few minutes and breathe in some fresh air. This will make you feel better.
5. Get comfortable

Clean your self up. Maybe you just want to throw your hair back in a messy bun and put on your PJ pants. Or if you haven’t showered taking a warm shower and changing into comfortable clothes.

-These things aren’t to help you procrastinate, just to clear your mind until you study.
-Do one or two of these things, than start your homework.
-Time yourself so you know how long your taking.


During studying//

1. Get rid of any electronics; electronics can easily distract you. So hid them all in a draw and just forget about them. If that doesn’t help, give it to someone like a sibling or parent.

2. Find a quiet place: go into your room or somewhere quiet. Inform your family that you are studying so that they stay quiet.

3. Study ahead! DO NOT cram it in the night before: cramming all your studying the night before will give you stress and you won’t know the topics as well. There’s a scientific study which proves that after 10 pm your mind starts to slow down and you can’t process as much and do as much as usual

4. Study all necessary vocab words or equations: vocab words will help you a lot. Equations will help you do well on a math or science test.

5. Make flashcards to study vocab: flashcards are my favorite way to study. they are a fun way to quiz yourself.

6. Study for the test that is closer first and the ones that are farthest away last

7. When studying highlight important info from your’e notes (hint, study w/ notes. Yes, this means you should be taking notes during class). This will make info stand out, and is great for reviewing a free minutes before a test.

8. While taking notes from your textbook or helpful videos on YouTube use different colored pens. I PROMISE these are so helpful, especially while you’re going over your notes. Use the internet: I realize I told you not to get online or use electronics above, but if you exercise self control, it’s an awesome tool for studying. You can watch videos, read papers, or read notes on just about any topic. There are also sites that have flashcards and games to help students. I searched “study websites” on Pinterest and it brought up several helpful lists of educational sites on the internet.

9. Make a Picture.  Whether it’s mental or I actually draw something, I find that I can recall the picture in my mind when I take the test. Think of a silly joke or a mnemonic to remember something, and draw it out. A mnemonic is an acronym or a sentence that helps you remember something. Think “please excuse my dear aunt Sally.” You could also write a short song, for example the Quadratic song

10. Rewrite your notes as if you were writing them for a friend. This makes you write them more clearly. This will also help you review over what you wrote in class.

11. Record yourself reading your notes, and listen to it to cement the material in your brain. If you want you can also play them as you fall asleep to help it stick as well.


A few study hacks//

1. Chew a unique flavor of gum while studying. Then chew the same flavor of gum when taking the test so that the flavor will help jog your memory
2. Lay a trail of snacks when reading through dense passages.
3. If you like listening to music while studying, stick to instrumental music. Listening to vocals would be a distraction, unless you can handle the vocals
4. Use practice tests or study guides. Just google the subject of what you will be tested on and hopefully something would pop up. There also could be review pages in a text book
5. Try an online interactive flash card site like
6. Take notes using different colored pens.This will fire up your visual memory. It also looks pretty and makes taking notes more enjoyable.
7. The Pomodoro technique: do some serious studying for 25 min. Then a 5 min. break. Then back to 25 min. studying.


A few random tips//

Setting Goals:
1. Identify your goal
Make sure your goal is realistic (none of that I want to see the whole universe!) (also make it school related… there is always something you want to achieve.) Write down your goal so you can remember it.

2.Set a Deadline
Choose a reasonable time you want to have achieved your goal. (Make sure it’s reasonable, not to short but not to long 🙂

3.Make it Manageable
Divide your goal into a series of steps. Your task will be easier to complete.

4.Reward Yourself
When you’ve completed your task then you can reward yourself with something that you’ve been wanting!!

Managing your Time:
1. Give yourself a deadline
Have a sheet that you can create a timeline.
Make a schedule

2.Get Started
Follow the schedule you wrote down, this will help with organization as well.

Always check your timeline and schedule and make sure you have everything you need done done.
+Always study with someone. You may know the material, but do you really know the material? Make sure to NOT get carried away

+Get a Planner. It helps you remember when you have tests and also it holds what you learned for that test (homework)

+Always look over your homework. The give you the homework for a reason, so you can learn the material and review it.

+ Write the word or whatever on a board or tape paper with it on the walls. Have a fly swatter or anything works. Have a friend read the definition and find the word and slap it. you get a point. If you do the wrong one you don’t get a point. Keep going and try to get all the points
+ Play like jeopardy. Tape a paper that says how many points on one side and have the question on the back. Pick a card and have a friend read the question for you say the answer and if you get it right you get how many points were on the front of the sheet. Keep going!
+ Plan ahead. Find out when tests are going to be, that way you can be prepared.

+ Review what you learned in class every night, especially if you don’t understand something.

+ Before a test write down everything that you have to study for. If you’re not sure ask a teacher or friend. Write down the hardest things first, and the easist last. Study in that order♥

+ Don’t understand something? Write it down and ask a teacher the next class. Most teachers are able to stay before&after school. Nobody will think your’e dumb, plus teachers will be glad you care enough to ask.

+ Staying organized is a big part of studying and over all doing well in school. You should have a notebook for notes in each class or at least dividers for each class. Take organized notes and write neatly! You won’t study well if you can’t even read the information you’re supposed to know!


Hope these helped a lot,


How to start your school year.

School., Tips.

First off, think about how you were last school year towards the end. Super comfortable and used to everything. Try to use that mentality when starting, since unless you are changing schools the same people will likely be in your classes. If you weren’t happy with how you acted, change it! Be more confident.
Don’t try to please everybody, since that is impossible. At least SOMEBODY is bound to not like you. And that’s completely okay! Don’t change yourself because a small group of people have a problem with you, it’s pointless.
Stay strong. As long as you don’t give into peer pressure or do stupid things, your year should go just fine!

Once you get your schedule, talk to anybody in the grade above you that you know and see if they had the teachers you are going to. If they like them, good! If not, you can always talk to your school guidance counselor and get that changed. But don’t be too quick–some people that say teachers are super mean end up being my favorite.
Go to your school and find all of your classes beforehand, so you are not completely lost on your first day. See when you are able to go to your locker too–you might not have that much time. In middle school I had 3 minutes to get to each class, and most of mine were on opposite sides of the school from each other.
Meet your teachers beforehand if you can, and get to know them. That way they will be nicer to you when the first day comes. Make a good impression of yourself on the staff.
If you’re in high school, ask your counselor about Dual Credit, AP classes etc. Use this or these: (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)to help you throughout the year.

Making friends// 

Join clubs!!! Clubs are the easiest way to find people that share similar interests and make friends. 
Friendship happens over time. Someone might be a little creeped out if you go up to them and scream “CAN WE BE FRIENDS????” Try to have a conversation with them, invite them over, and then you will be friends.
Also, don’t be super mean or exclusive. You won’t make friends. Be friendly and y o u r s e l f, and you’ll be fine 🙂

Good luck.

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